Gesan Production VET line offers analyzers dedicated to veterinary laboratories that meet different lab’s needs. They have specific dimensions, functions and potentialities and, in some cases, even a dedicated line of reagents to ensure maximum efficiency.



The newest analyzer in the Gesan family of instruments could only be called “Piccolo.” It’s the smallest analyzer with the greatest potential in the category,ideal for daily routine and special routine. Evolution has led to an user interface with a touch screen display and the QRCODE reader integrated into the camera body.

The Piccolo Chem PRO VET is the smallest analyzer in its class capable of the highest levels of operation.


CHEM 200 pro vet

The chem 200 PRO VET analyzer is just the perfect solution for high-quality laboratories.
Hardware and software are tested to reduce lab costs and simplify workflow.
The Chem 200 PRO VET is an easy-to-use analyzer.

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Hemovet 3diff

Hemovet 3diff is a 3 populations hematology analyzer with pre-installed multi-animal modes such as dog, cat and rabbit, while horse, cow and sheep are customizable. Hemovet 3diff can analyze up to 60 samples / hour including parameters, histogram and patient information.

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Clot Vet

Gesan Clot Vet is a semiautomated coagulometer with photo-optical clot detection. It performs PT, A-PTT and Clauss Fibrinogen. The analyzer has a highly sensitive photometer with a light source provided by a solid state three wave-length emitter at 460 nm, 510 nm and 630 nm which ensures accurate and precise results also in veterinary labs.

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Hemovet 5diff

Hemovet 5diff is a 5-part differentiation benchtop hematology analyzer equipped with a reading laser and a specific veterinary program that supports multiple animal modalities.