Chem 200 pro

The chem 200 PRO analyzer is just the perfect solution for high-quality laboratories.
Hardware and software are tested to reduce lab costs and simplify workflow.
The Chem 200 PRO is an easy-to-use analyzer. It is easy to use and also easy to maintain, thanks to the excellent graphical user interface with integrated touch screen and QRCODE reader, fully automated maintenance procedures, and dedicated reagent QRCODE for lot capture expiration and other key parameters.
The sampling module uses a 30-position removable reagent rack. The housing is Peltier cell refrigerated so as to maximize the on-board stability of the reagents. It can analyze up to 60 samples for up to 200 tests/hour.
The Chem 200 PRO is also available in a VET version in combination with its own dedicated and barcoded reagents. The VET analyzer provides customizable reports for each animal species, is easy to use, and allows the creation of a variety of profiles, such as generic, pre-op, post-op, liver, kidney, and metabolic.
Remote diagnostic control allows service staff to resolve errors quickly and efficiently without an on-site visit.