The quality of our products begins from the water. Our water purification unit is based on a double osmosis plant and meets all international standards and the highest pharmaceutical requirements. The conductibility is always less than 0.2 µS.

The first stage of the production is the choice of the raw materials. We use only the better quality products that the market can offer. In process controls accompany the manufacturing process from raw materials inspection of the final steps of packaging and libelling. Our filling plant is characterized by flexibility and is fully automatic.

Our main production activities are:

    • Stable liquid reagents
    • Bulk manufacturing
    • Concentrated bulk manufacturing
    • OEM manufacturing
    • Design of rinse solutions for every automatic analyzer
    • Customized packaging and labeling on customer request

Of course Gesan will preserve its ability of filling tailormade small series of special products in a more manual way. In-process controls are performed in every step of production, with equipment as routine laboratory analyzers that ensure the quality of the manufacturing process. In order to obtain the CE mark, all reagents are tested with research institutions and hospitals. The methods are developed on the most common analyzers, that are owned bye Gesan applicative support department.

Some images of our warehouse, the refrigerating cells, where temperatures are controlled 24h by dedicated records, in accord to all European regulations, and one of the administrative offices.