Trainings and visits in Gesan

There is always a great people coming and going in the plant of Gesan Production in Campobello di Mazara, in the heart of Sicily.

Our best customers, partners and friends, know well the corner of the world that houses our offices and the production department, the heart of the company. Every year, we receive many guests from all over the world in Gesan.


These are work, study, curiosity and pleasure meetings trough we offer the opportunity to get to know each other more closely and understand who we are and how we work. During the visits, in general, the meetings are followed by a tour inside the building in order to show who works in the group, our young people, and to discover the departments, from marketing to warehouse, passing through R&D, production and logistics. And we do not stop here. To really understand our modus operandi, we involve our guests in the discovery of the territory in which Gesan was born and continues to grow up. A territory rich in beauty, sometimes ambiguous, but that has a lot to offer to those who can grasp its potential.

In addition to the many official visits we receive every month, many engineers and specialized operators of partner companies often join us in Sicily to follow full immersion trainings with our technicians. During the hours of study of our instruments of the Chem line (Chem 200, Chem 300 plus, Chem 400), Gesan team is entirely dedicated to them, explaining the use of our analyzers from a theoretical and practical point of view. With our courses, we are able to make the approach to new tools easier and more immediate.

Thanks to these visit we try to transmit as much as possible of our essence, leaving a professional and affective trace in the people we meet, hoping they could have the pleasure to come back to see us again. Also because, taking a trip to Sicily is never a great effort!