Research and innovation in Gesan with Smiling and Gesanbiotecno projects

Gesan R&D

Research and innovation in Gesan with Smiling and Gesanbiotecno projects financed by Sicilian Region through the PO FESR program.

assessore Tutano in Gesan



The Regional Council member for Productive Activities, Mimmo Turano, visiting our production plant, also emphasized the importance of innovation at the service of the community’s well-being.





Research, production and marketing are the strengths of our company, and Smiling and Gesanbiotecno projects are an excellent opportunity to enhance the concept of integration between man, environment and technology.

In Gesan, R&D department is a fundamental asset for the company’s business and all activities are constantly oriented towards the production and distribution of innovative products from a clinical and environmental sustainability point of view. All the production processes of our plant aim at saving water, the use of renewable sources, the proper management of waste substances, in general respect for the environment and natural resources.



Through Smiling project it will thus be possible to develop a new formulation for nutraceutical and cosmetic products starting from the must and oil of the grape seeds of local organic grapes.

As part of the Gesanbiotecno project, on the other hand, an “intelligent” biotechnology laboratory will be created aimed at early innovative diagnostics in oncology. The preparation and proper functioning of the laboratory will follow the building expansion that the company is undergoing in these last months.

Thanks to both projects it will be possible to renew part of the instrumentation used in our laboratories, integrate a team with transversal skills and create highly versatile systems.

In Gesan Production we are ready to face these new challenges and test the company’s potential by breaking new ground. We see these opportunities as a strong motivation for business growth, also thanks to the collaboration with other companies and institutions, and the integration of the know-how.

From a strictly commercial point of view, the projects could lead us towards an increase in the competitiveness of the company. On a social level, they will favor the production, dissemination and marketing of medical devices and cosmetic products with a low environmental impact and which fully fall within our concept of corporate social responsibility.


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