EQA and VEQ confirm Gesan quality


How important is External Quality Assessment in a clinical chemistry company?


External Quality Assessment – EQA (or External Quality Valutation – VEQ) is an essential aspect of any laboratory operation providing a means of assessing analytical performance compared to other laboratories using the same method and instrument. The main objective of EQA is to develop inter-laboratory comparability and standardisation of diagnostic testing.

The results are periodically released in form of report and they are certified by external bodies such as Centro Regionale Qualità Laboratori (Laboratories Quality Regional Centre), One World Accuracy and Riqas.


In Gesan Production, we usually study the results obtained by customer laboratories to test our reagents performances and verify the precision of our kits and also of our instruments, the analyzers of Chem series (Chem 200, Chem 300 plus, Chem 400).

The results published in the latest report confirm that even this year Gesan reagents show good performances, highlighting our strengths.

PRECISION: consistency degree between a series of repeated measurements of the same sample.

ACCURACY: resistance degree of the results obtained with the nominal reference value.


So, statistical analysis of the results obtained by “similar” systems on “stable” samples show:

  • precise system
  • system independent from the context
  • good comparability of results
  • good performances

Trough Gaussian histograms, we defined the latest EQA/VEQ report in order to underline Gesan results position. Graphics and histograms are obvious, evident: values obtained by Gesan Production fall within the acceptability range, they are close to the mean value and, finally, they definitely confirm Gesan reagents and analyzers quality.



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