Liquid Drugs of Abuse Panel

Rely on GESAN drugs of abuse testing products as a complete solution for your drug testing program: an expansive test menu, compact bench-top clinical analyzers and data management options. The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a growing problem present in contemporary society which not only implies costs and strain on a country’s healthcare system, but it also has huge ramifications for the users and their family, friends and work colleagues. In order to assist in dealing with the issue of substance abuse, Gesan provides a comprehensive range of 10 drugs of abuse testing assays:

Ecstasy (MDMA)

The quality of the test and its accuracy are essential parameters in drug and alcohol abuse screening because any false reporting of a positive result can put the user in a critical situation both in social and career terms. With the Chem 200 – Chem 300plus – Chem 400 – analyzer line, Gesan offers high – quality laboratory equipment and ready – to – use tests to achieve fast, accurate and consistent results. Gesan CHEM line of clinical chemistry analyzer also includes routine chemistry tests, proteins, diabetic markers, and more.


Gesan drugs of abuse assays are liquid ready-to-use for increased efficiency with also applications available for all major clinical chemistry analyzers. Other benefits include:
• Homogenous Enzyme Immunoassay
• Available for both qualitative and semi-quantitative screening
• Spectrophotometric method
• Liquid reagents (R1 & R2), ready to use reagents
• Application protocol available for all major clinical chemistry analysers
• Fast assay : 5 minutes• Validate for urine samples (Ethanol assay also blood)
• Calibrators and controls available – liquid ready to use – no reconstitution
• Workplace guidelines : European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) – Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA – USA)
• No pro-zone effect
• 18 months stability (with the exception of the Ethyl Alcohol reagent, Benzodiazepine and Cannabis that have 12 months stability)
• All assays can be run on urine samples
• Packaging tailored to laboratory specific needs
• Powerful, complete range of drug testing solutions

Download Gesan Highlights flyer for assay specification, precision and interferences data