Chem instruments line: a safe choice

Gesan Production offers a wide range of clinical chemistry analyzers capable of satisfying every kind of diagnostic need of laboratories. The Chem instruments line consists of 5 analyzers of different sizes and characteristics:




  • the Clot 1000, small size for a high sensitivity instrument;
  • Chem 100, a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer, compact and, in the 2018 release, equipped with a touch screen;
  • Chem 200, ideal for medium-sized laboratories, has extensive functionality and highly innovative software;
  • Chem 300 plus, thanks to its two reagent plates and two arms working simultaneously, optimizes laboratory performances;
  • Chem 400, the largest in terms of dimensions, is characterized by high efficiency, precision and low maintenance costs.


Not just tools for Gesan Production. The greatest advantage, in fact, can be found in our integrated system. For Chem 200 – 300 plus and 400 analyzers of Chem family, we offer dedicated reagents ready to use that do not require pipetting. Their bottle is specific for each instrument, as the amount of reagent contained. This allows to speed up the work of the operator reducing the possibility of contamination, human error and reagent that could be wasted between one transfer and the next. The purchase of instruments and dedicated reagents is therefore an advantageous solution both from the operational point of view and, definitely, also from the economic one.


Let’s find out the details of Chem 200 and Chem 300 plus in the new corporate videos produced for the Chem family.