Clinical chemistry analyzer: a focus on Chem 300 plus

chem 300 plus

Two reagent plates for this new clinical chemistry analyzer

Chem 300 plus is one of the latest automatic clinical chemistry analyzer in the Gesan instrument family. We have already said how robust the instrument was, both in terms of hardware and software. We have also talked about the innovative graphical interface, the new software and the online remote support. But what is the real strength of the Chem 300 plus?

Obviously, its double plate of reagent and its double arms. Thanks to this new structure, the operator has the possibility to load a double number of reagents on the analyzer; he can also take advantage of a second arm assembly in case of faults. The advantage is clear: as a result, you work twice as fast and you never risk interrupting the work because of a malfunction because you can always count on the second plate of reagents.

Not only that, it is also possible to add reagents and samples during use, simply pause the analyzer without necessarily having to wait until the work started is completed.

Furthermore, maintenance procedures and controls of reagents, calibrators and expiry dates are completely automated. Therefore the operator’s intervention is reduced to the minimum, while the analyzer will work twice as much.

In conclusion, we can confirm that the new Chem 300 plus is a CHOICE that goes double.

In the following video, a preview of the the new clinical chemistry analyzer.