Meeting the needs of customers is one of the main objectives of Gesan Production. For this reason, over the years, Gesan has perfected the OEM / ODM production, both from the purely technical point of view and the relationships with the partners, in order to facilitate the commercialization.

For the companies, buying OEM or ODM reagents Gesan means reducing to the minimum research and development, design and production efforts. It also means reducing time-to-market and providing our customers with a range of excellent quality reagents, guaranteed by Gesan Made in Italy and the quality certifications recognized to our company.

The OEM reagents are supplied by Gesan in the format agreed with the customer and tailored to his needs. It is possible to choose between reagents in bulk, in the quantities requested by the customer, or in the version in bottles, both OEM and ODM, and therefore according to the specifications requested by the customer / Gesan specifications. In all cases to be marketed with their own logo.

Furthermore, starting from the range of Gesan reagents, any other request can be evaluated and taken into consideration, the needs of our customers are challenges that allow us to deal with different contexts and markets.